Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome to the Wil Morgan Arts page.

     Hello, and welcome to Wil Morgan Arts.  My name is William Morgan, I am an artist and sculptor. I paint primarily in oils, although I have worked, in the capacity of an illustrator, in water based gouache and acrylics.  My 3D work has been with metal, although I do work with wood.  I am also a musician.  I play the bass- upright, as well as bass guitar. I am constantly pushing myself to transcend my own limitations on the instrument(s), as well as dismantling the cultural barriers that often hinder ability to be influenced by other ideas and/or music that may not be familiar.  This is especially important to an aspiring writer.  I have written short stories, and am currently working on a novel that I would like to publish online, either through installments in an 'e-zine',  or as an 'ebook'. 
     This web page/site represents the launching of my online presence, through which I intend to make known the nature of my work, as well as the nature of my personality.  I will freely express any point of view that I feel strongly about, and encourage any and all feedback from any and all visitors to, or readers of, this blog.  I want this blog/site to be viewed as an attempt by an unknown artist, ( namely, me) to be seen, acknowledged, and identified through the vehicle of his work, and perhaps be seen and understood as the individual that he is.

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