Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday

Yesterday, September 30th, was Wil Morgan's birthday. ( That's me.) It was the day on which it is documented that he came into this world 52 years ago, in 1958.  ( I read somewhere that writing about oneself in the third person can help in attaining an objective perspective, hmm...)  I have noticed a ceremonious attachment to birthdays and anniversaries, and other such commemorations of the origins of things, at least certain things.  I am not sure of the level of importance that these days have in other parts of the world, especially those parts of the world that perceive time differently than the west, or the so-called developed/civilized world.  I don't know if it is a natural thing to celebrate the day of one's birth, and I wonder when that practice started to become more than just chronicling of the passing of time. Is time a spiral that continues into the unknown as we repeat the cycle of our lives recorded by the decay of physical tissue and matter, that we refer to as aging?  Maybe a birthday should remind us that we have precious little time here on the physical plane, and in the scheme of the infinite, we don't have any time at all. We really don't have time, time has us. We're trapped in the perception that we are physical beings, and when the time allotted for that physical entity, that physical construct, has elapsed, then has our existence has also come to an end? We are inhabiters of a body, a shell that we animate with our spirit, our soul. This is not news, but it is something, kind of like a birthday, that is deserving of renewed celebration, and we don't even have to wait a year between celebrations.  Any day, everyday, all day.  It is the salvation that we can all take refuge in. No need to belong to any sect, or religion, or church or club. We were all born with a life-time membership that is renewable through the mystery of our souls, which is another term for intelligent energy.

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