Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The needs we seed.

The last time that I posted any comments on this site I was so enthusiastic about the potential exposure that my work could receive.  I have not been keeping tabs on the amount of 'traffic' that has, or has not, visited this particular location in 'cyberspace'. I don't even know how to do that. I've always wondered how the television networks could determine how many viewers were watching a particular program at any given time.  In this particular artist's case, ( that would be me) I can only hope that there have been visitors that have been moved, inspired, awed even, upon viewing my paintings. Well, okay, that last possible reaction was obviously a wishful thought on the part of the artist. ( again, that would be me...) Anyway, I must admit that I have not been all that diligent in seeking out methods that could possibly attract cyber-surfers to this quadrant of the galaxy, perhaps offering them the unique opportunity to peruse these expressions of my existence that have been posted here for that very purpose.  It's funny how we so-called 'artists' create various works in differing 'disciplines'- visual media-painting, sculpture, music, novels, etc, often from a very personal need, compulsion, even, to express these innermost, sometimes private perceptions, observations, and spiritual quests, only to seek the indulgence, and sometimes the adoration of others, usually people that we don't even know, or honestly, even want to know, or care about.  Maybe the whole process of divulging ones inner self is the thread that weaves the pattern that enmeshes all of our lives, in that it makes visible that which is not; things pondered and mused that might not otherwise be looked upon, much less perceived on more visceral levels that ignore the boundaries we construct amongst ourselves on the physical plane that we pledge our varied allegiances to.  Could it be that we are all suffering from our own need to outgrow these 'habits' that sum up our physical existence?  Well, I feel the need to express the truth of being more than the sum total of my 'parts' as we're so vehemently programmed to perceive our worth in terms of.  In terms of our infinite souls, there can be no 'sum total' because there is no end to something that has always been,  and always will be, beyond our mortal selves, and beyond our mortal thoughts.

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